Unmanned Cleaning Boat
TITAN Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Water surface garbage cleaning, water quality monitoring, and intelligent inspection
Water cleaning
Automatic cleaning of floating garbage in waters
Intelligent inspection
Fully automatic inspection and smart management
Data monitoring
Real-time monitoring of water information and data
Automatic cleaning of floating garbage in waters
Water information is always controlled, fully automated water cleaning process, achieves an intelligent and efficient maintenance Get water maintenance solutions >
Surface garbage, self-identification
Water quality, comprehensive control
Water inspection, intelligent and reliable
Shoreline rinsing, flexible and convenient
Length, width and height/mm
430KG (hull weight)
Garbage carrying capacity: 100KG
Unmanned driving
Resistance to third-level wind and waves
Intelligent path planning, autonomous and precise obstacle avoidance
Applicable Scenes
Urban inland rivers, small and medium lakes, reservoirs
Clean waters such as offshore ports and harbours
Automatic wireless charging
5h charging time
Battery life 6-8h
Working period
Able to work 24/7 regardless of the weather
The future of waters begins here
Unmanned cleaning boat, a technological innovation
Compared with traditional manual
Maintenance area
Response efficiency
24/7 online response
Working duration
Security Level
unmanned driving
One platform, four management tools
Unmanned boat data management platform
Real-time display of boat operating status, operating data, operating time, etc
Big screen PAD
Mobile Remote control
Smart Workflow
Step 1 Mobile phone/PC controlled remotely by a single button/pre-set a starting point
Step 2 Self-tracking, automatically executes cleaning process
Step 3 Area cleaning management
Step 4 Returns when fully loaded/at low battery, automatic charging
Step 5 Garbage basket is lifted up by machine at the shore
Step 6 After charging, it turns on the automatic working mode again
TITAN Unmanned Cleaning Boat
The journey of Orcauboat unmanned boat to the sand lakes
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TITAN Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Orcauboat unmanned environmental protection boat enters the waters
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