“Xi” Unmanned Cruise Boat
Level 4 safety escort, creating and enjoying life on water
“Xi” Unmanned Cruise Boat
Equipped with Orcauboat Level 4 water surface unmanned driving system, it can automatically switch between manual and autonomous driving mode, bringing an entirely new touring experience. It is suitable for water sightseeing trips, transportation connections, research experiences, afternoon tea on water and other application scenarios. This promotes water tourism, water transportation and other scenarios to realise digitisation and intelligence quickly.
Intelligent technology products
Automated driving
The fusion perception module of "lidar + millimetre-wave radar + visual sensor" is used to sense the surrounding water conditions to ensure the safe operation of the boat. The boat can also automatically avoid obstacles, execute navigations, and return to its dock, thus providing a new experience of intelligent cutting-edge technology.
Comprehensive design
More than 95% of the entire boat uses recyclable materials, thus making it economical and environmentally friendly
The top skylight is designed such that it is rainproof and light can entire the boat at the same time
Solar panels are installed at the top of the boat to enhance battery life
The entire boat is equipped with intelligent ambient lighting, both indoors and outdoors, which can change the lighting effect according to the boat’s environment
Smart service
Mobile phones can be used to purchase tickets, check the tickets’ details, and facilitate the boarding of boats, thus making the entire process intelligent and unmanned
The large screen is visual interactive, providing real-time display of routes, boat speed, and information on the path condition
An AI tour guide will professionally broadcast the information on the scenic spot
Safety guaranteed
Hull safety: entirely made of aluminium alloy and has three buoys - stable, wind and wave resistance, low speed
Passenger safety: safety equipment is readily available, and safety personnel will be present for safety purposes
Technical support: self-checking for faults, extremely safe, omnidirectional sensing, able to switch between manual or automatic operation
Length, width and height/mm
Seating Capacity
8-10 people
Operating Mode
There are 3 modes that you can freely switch amongst: automatic driving, remotely controlled and manually controlled
Sightseeing water tour, water connection, research experience, afternoon tea on the water, etc
4h charging time
Battery life of 4-8h
Perception Modules
Millimetre-wave radar + lidar + visual sensor module
Positioning Modules
Smart Workflow
Step 1 The boat can be remotely operated by Pad and boarding appointments can be made via mobile phones
Step 2 Unmanned patrol and automatically returns once the trip is completed
Step 3 Automatically senses obstacles on the water surface and avoids them
Step 4 High-definition large screen displays the boat's running route in real-time
Step 5 Real-time voice broadcast when the boat arrives enters the scenic area and arrives at the station
Step 6 Automatically docks and returns to its base, before starting the next trip again
Applicable scenarios
Sightseeing trips
Water connections
Research trips
“Xi” Unmanned Cruise Boat
The official release of Orcauboat "Xi" unmanned driving cruise boat
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“Xi” Unmanned Cruise Boat
The release of our new product: unmanned cruise boat
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